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“If you’re looking for a fabulous family outing right on your doorstep, look no further. Little Jungle Indoor Playground, located in Montana, Pretoria has been designed to provide a great experience to adults and children alike. On cold, hot or rainy days – there is always something to do. While the kids play, parents can relax while enjoying a light meal at our in-house Café. We always have friendly and helpful play attendants in the play area.

Little Jungle offers toddlers and children aged 0-10 years old a wide range of features and activities with age zones dedicated to your child age and abilities. The playground allows kids to explore and play freely amongst activities and equipment best suited to their age range at the same time developing important fine motor skills and encouraging, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Within these areas your child will be amidst other children of similar ages meaning they can learn from, interact and make new friends all whilst having fun. Little Jungle promotes that parents takes part and explore the park with their little ones.

Our goal at Little Jungle is to provide a clean and safe playground for kids. It is cleaned as a twofold process. Firstly, the entire facility is cleaned by hand including each ball individually, and then sprayed with a disinfectant solution weekly.”

Our Playground

Little Jungle Indoor Playground and Party Venue offers a save environment where kids
aged 0 – 10 can enjoy our fun and exciting play areas and equipment.   
Our Coffee shop will add that little extra relaxation,
being able to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee or cappuccino and grab something to eat to fill the hungry tummies.  

Playground Rules

•  No shoes – Socks preferred.
•  No Food & Drinks allowed inside the play areas.    

IMPORTANT:  No outside food items allowed in the venue.  


Tuesday - Saturday: 09:00 - 16:30
Sunday: 09:00 - 15:00

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